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Our 11th month warranty service is designed for clients who live in new homes and identifies any defects in the construction before the warranty is expired. This gives clients time to raise any issues we find with the home builder and claim for repair of these defects on the warranty provided by their home builder.

11th month warranty includes a full home inspection – top to bottom, inside and out. We leave no stone unturned in hunting for any defects, from minor cosmetics such as nail pops and trim issues, to larger defects such as improperly shingled roofs, air conditioners and more.

Most people would be incredibly surprised at the amount of defects we find on newly built homes, including some issues that would cost the homeowner many thousands of dollars to rectify had they not discovered them before their warranty was expired. For example, we recently conducted an 11th month warranty inspection for a customer in a newly built home in Fairborn, Ohio that identified the need to fully replace the roof after it was improperly shingled in the winter with deficiencies in the underlayment, fastening and more. We noticed a 12 foot high by 20 foot long section of defective shingles that had previously lifted in high winds, and allowed water to penetrate the sheathing below. Had we not found this, it would have cost the homeowner around $12,000 in repair costs according to the estimates they got at the time!

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