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Services realtors can rely on!

At Neon, we understand real estate and the importance of smooth transactions, especially when it comes to ancillary services real estate professionals need to get their job done and the deal closed.

We make it easy for you to refer us to your clients, offering the following benefits to your client and your deal:

  • Same day service available. If another inspector lets you down, we’ll be there to keep you on track
  • 7 day service – we’re available to inspect 7 days a week. With owner/occupant consent we’ll inspect at any time of day, any day of the week.
  • Our reports are clear, concise and easy to understand. We make it easy to refer our findings to contractors, with all defects contained in specific sections. No need to send them the full report and hope they don’t miss something!
  • Our reports are delivered fast. We send the client a copy of the report digitally as soon as it’s complete. We finish most reports on-site with very few exceptions.
  • Our reports feature video for easy explanation of defects and information.
  • We use plain English and avoid construction specific jargon where possible, no over-dramatic prose or needlessly spooking clients! 
  • We invest our time in your client’s understanding of our reports, setting aside time at the end of the inspection for review, and ensuring their experience with home inspection professionals is positive and meaningful.


Rental Inspections

We also offer inspections specific for rental properties. Our Rental Inspections make property management, letting/leasing and caring for rentals a breeze! Maximize your rent income and relax knowing your rental property is in safe hands with Neon Inspections checking in on it! We offer customized plans and volume discounts for this service and tailor it to your requirements and acceptable standards.

As part of our Rental Inspection service we:

  • Visit the property during a gap in the tenancy and perform a thorough inspection, ensuring the property is free of major defects
  • Check all appliances for any outstanding recalls, document condition, log serial and model numbers, and test for good working order.
  • Assess all major systems and components for defects, wear and tear, and cosmetic issues.
  • Identify any overdue or upcoming maintenance issues
  • Perform any additionally required services (lead testing, water testing, mold testing, air quality testing etc)
  • Log paint finishes, colors, and any defects in the finish.
  • We collate all of this information in a property log book specific to that property that is shared with the realtor and/or property owner digitally.
  • We furnish the realtor and/or owner with “move-in certified” materials that give potential tenants peace of mind when viewing the property, and added value to the income potential.
  • Re-Inspect the property at the end of tenancy and compare the current condition to the documented move-in condition – allowing you to quickly identify and bill accordingly for any damage beyond fair wear and tear. A full move-in ready inspection is then performed or scheduled for a time after repairs are made.

While we appreciate most realtors already have preferred vendors for home repairs, we also offer a list of Neon approved vendors that are available to undertake any repairs or maintenance work required on rental properties. We are in no way affiliated with these companies and receive no renumeration for sharing their details – we only recommend them as they meet our requirements for quality, affordability and customer care.

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