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Radon is a potentially deadly cancer-causing gas that is a bi-product of Uranium decaying underground. It is usually found in igneous rock and soil, but in some cases, well water may also be a source of radon.

Many homes in Ohio have high Radon levels, and most should be tested for Radon for peace of mind.

If Radon is discovered in your home beyond acceptable levels, you should consider having a licensed Radon professional install a mitigation system that vents the gas to atmosphere and protects your health.

Conflicts of Interest – Should testers also mitigate? No.

We believe that the people testing for the presence of harmful Radon gas in your home should not be the same as the people installing the system for you. This is because there is an inherent conflict of interest whereby it is in their interest to discover high Radon levels. While we’re happy to test for Radon for you, our self-imposed code of ethics and standard operating procedures prohibit us from installing the system for you. We’ll gladly refer someone to install the system for you, but we gain nothing from doing so – no preferential rates, kickbacks or commissions. We have a small list of approved vendors which we have personally used, trust and know will offer our clients the standards of service and professionalism we at Neon Inspections offer.

So, much like mold testing, home inspection, or any other testing, make sure your tester is independent and won’t gain financially from you getting results which indicate further work is required on your home. If anyone offers to test and mitigate, be sure to consult with a third party that is independent and doesn’t try and sell you anything. Remember, a second opinion never hurts!

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